Negrii nu pot sa sara

Despre Morom3t3

Infinitul îmi devenise neîncăpător. Trebuia să mă nasc.
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8 răspunsuri la Negrii nu pot sa sara

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  2. Andrew zice:

    „Morom3t3” what is funny in this picture???… „Negrii” means „nigger”, and that is just pure disgusting racism… hosting your blog, and so you have to respect USA laws… You can be identified by your IP adress and so having very serious problems with FBI and Interpol, and so with the police of your country!… So, now, stop your stupid fascist propaganda!!!…

  3. Morom3t3 zice:

    Fuck you, retard! I’m not racist. The propagand is in your little head.
    „Negrii” = black men. In my language, racism is when I say „Cioara”.

    The title means „Black men can’t jump„.

    You are off-topic. On another occasion you will be banned!
    Now you can suck my IP!

  4. Ursul zice:

    Funneh Andrew asta! Da’ eu zic ca e la oha.

  5. Martha zice:

    >>> There is no black people in National Romanian Football (soccer) Team… A lot in others like Brasil, France… Who was winning today ?…
    The answer :
    Romanian racists you are very pathetic… and visibly you dont like your country.

  6. Morom3t3 zice:

    Andrew=Martha :mrgreen:
    (IP=; )

    Dear retard, the real power is here, in all the people!
    „Le mumu” clasic, France!

  7. Ursul zice:

    :)) Nu stiam ca s-a facut si salutul frantuzesc. E interesant.

  8. Morom3t3 zice:

    S-a facut imediat dupa ce si-au dat aia in petic. :mrgreen:

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